Pre-order ensures the availability of perennial flowers in spring 2021!

Our partners in the Netherlands offer a very large selection of perennial flowers, including thousands and thousands of varieties of high ornamental value, which are able to successfully overwinter in Estonian conditions and offer their beauty as garden plants. As the variety selection is very, it is not practical to buy the whole assortment of mice.

We found a solution to the problem by booking. In our online store, we have translated into Estonia and brought you more than three thousand different perennial flowers, which can be ordered 6 pieces at a time from one variety and which probably will not be sold individually. When they arrive, the price per plant is definitely more expensive than buying a spruce package. The plants are in P9 or P11 pots, some of which have formed a complete root ball, but some of them are still in the young cuttings stage. There are also plants in the active growth phase that should be protected from late spring night frosts.

NB! Aiasõber guarantees the availability of about 90-95 percent of perennial flowers ordered in advance. The concern is that something undesirable can happen to live plants at any time. Be it a supplier in a warehouse, on transport or at Aiasõbra’s sales point. We will start issuing pre-ordered perennials and other seedlings around the 20th of April.

Payment will be made when the customer has received the goods. Those who come to the garden themselves can pay for the purchase on the spot with a bank card or in cash, but the invoice will be sent to the subscribers by post when the goods are assembled, packaged and ready for dispatch.

NB! We accept orders for 6 perennials until March 10, 2021. After this date, it is no longer possible to cancel orders.

Aiasõber – a friend next to you wishes you many great finds in our winter online store!