Environmental declaration

We strive to operate economically and in an environmentally friendly manner. Here’s what we’re doing now differently than ever before to keep the footprint on the environment as small as possible.

• We use paper labels to mark smaller pots, which are more environmentally friendly and degrade quickly compared to labels printed on film. We ask customers not to mind if some labels may be less readable in the fall.
• We reuse the pots, wash them and use them for plantings again. Returned pots by customers are also reusable.
• We systematically apply modern nature-friendly integrated plant protection techniques. We only use chemical preparations in the event of a major emergency. We ask customers to be more tolerant of less harmful insects that may be found on a small number of plants. At the same time, we offer for sale special preparations and tools of plant origin, that you can buy it online in our online store or in our garden.
• We carry out the planting work by hand, which makes it easier to check all plants for damage and disease so that they will not enter the sales area. The footprint of manpower on the environment virtually non-existent comparing with garden machines.
• We compost plant waste and use the resulting decomposition product to improve substrates and planting soils.
• The sales area is located in a natural environment. The walkways here are on the ground, we do not use stone slabs or concrete. We do not chemically repel weeds, we pluck it out of the plant pots.
• We reuse the packaging material for sending postal parcels. The boxes may have retained stickers from the previous round of use.
• Customers have access to an ecological dry composting toilet in the garden. Tap water and / or disinfectant for washing hands.

Dear customers, if anyone comes up with a worthwhile idea on how we can operate in an even more environmentally friendly way, please let us know.
Aiasõber – a friend in your garden wishes you many great findings in our e-shop and garden!