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How are the ordered goods received?
The best way to receive the parcel is to order it to your closest OMNIVA or DPD automated parcel automate. The list of automated parcel terminals can be seen when placing an order in our e-shop. You may order the delivery of the parcel by courier if you wish or to some other indicated address. Keep your switched-on phone close to you so that postal workers can get in contact with you if necessary.

FINLAND: We use OMNIVA and DPD pick-up and courier service.

What is the logistics fee of Aiasõber?
The regular logistics fee of Aiasõber for deliveries sent to the automated parcel service is 6.90 per one parcel and is valid for parcels with common measurements (41 x 38 x 64 cm), which contain 10-20 kg depending on the content of the order. The logistics fee for courier service is 9.90.

FINLAND: We use the pricelist of the logistics firm in the Estonia- Finland direction to which packaging material is added.

When I want to make a prepayment, what should I exactly do?
The invoice in pdf-fail is sent to your e-mail address when your order has been prepared and the goods are ready for delivery. We usually send out the parcel right away if the client has no earlier debts. Goods are prepared according to the corresponding delivery period of the products. The usual payment period is 14 calendar days and enables to make the payment after the receipt of the goods. If the client has earlier debts, we send an invoice with the 3-calendar day payment deadline and deliver the goods after the payment is accrued on our bank account. If the payment is not accrued by due date, the order will be cancelled.
When I can pay for the ordered goods?
You usually pay when you have received the goods. If you have marked on the order that you come to fetch it yourself, you can inspect the goods at the cash counter on the gardening farm and then pay for the purchase either by cash or credit card. When you have marked you wish to get the parcel in the automated parcel terminal or by courier, we will send you an invoice by e-mail and on paper carrier in the parcel, which you can pay for by due date in the Internet bank. If you have had debts to Aiasõber earlier, we deliver the goods after the payment is accrued on our bank account.
When can I receive my plant? I ordered them at the turn of the year already.
Plants may be ordered throughout the year. Orders comprising live plants are handled and delivered in the order they arrived in the second half of April depending on the weather conditions and the progress of the queue. There is no need to worry that we send the plants when it is not possible to plant them. If necessary, our employee contacts you. If you have marked on the order that you will come and fetch it yourself, please wait for our call or an e-mail first.
How to act when I order goods on the home page and will come to fetch them personally?
Wait for our call or an e-mail. When your order is completed, we will get in touch with you. Take your ID card with you to get your customer bonus on the gardening farm. Definitely!
How can I become a regular customer of Aiasõber?
Clients ordering by mail can register as regular customers of Aiasõber on our home page when filling in the order. Visitors of the gardening farm can do it by using the ID-card. Our client service will register you as a regular customer within a couple of minutes.
Is it necessary to create an account on Aiasõber web page to order goods?
No. You may order without creating any account. If you want the bonus of the permanent customer, you have to register as a user or in other words create an account. If you order without registration and come to fetch the goods yourself, an ID card enables to register on the gardening farm and use the customer bonus on site.
Please specify the bonuses the permanent customer of Aiasõber may receive.
5% of the permanent customer bonus is applied right after the registration that will covers all plants for regular price. The bonus does not extend to campaign prices, promotional prices or discounted prices, and to the re-cultivation pots (P9 and P11) “Good Price” plants. When making purchases on the gardening farm, have your ID card with you in order to get a discount. When ordering from the e-shop, you must have a user account.
Can anything go wrong?
Before placing the order, please check your contact data. Mistakes happen – we try to be understanding and ask customers to tolerate human errors. An employee of a logistics firm may also make mistakes.