Sale garden

The sale garden (nursery) is located at Ändi tee 18, Tüki village, Tartu city, 61411 Tartu county, Estonia.

In 2024, the sale garden will be open April 20 – October 1-st

Mon – Fri 9 am – 6 pm        Sat 9 am – 3 pm       Sun  CLOSED

You can pay for purchases by bank card and cash. All Aiasõber’s prices on the website, at the sale garden and at public sales events include 20% VAT and are quoted in Euro. In the case of a difference in prices on the web, in the garden and in advertising material, the prices at the sale garden always apply. Aiasõber makes every effort to minimize differences. NB! For better service and security, there is a video surveillance and security system installed in the garden.

Customer card

Aiasõber’s loyal customer can register with an ID card at the sale garden. This is done free of charge within one minute by the customer service desk. The 5% loyal customer discount will be effective immediately. In order to receive the discount, the customer must carry an ID card and present it to the customer service representative before making the purchase. Later claims will not be considered. The promotion does not extend to campaign products and good-priced seedlings. The ID card-based loyal customer discount applies to locally purchased items at the sale garden.

In the garden is not desirable

  • Keep unaccompanied children unattended;
  • Wear high-heeled shoes;
  • to smoke;
  • bring pets;
  • Move markings, damage plants, bully frogs, or other local wildlife.

Aiasõber urges clients to consider the appropriate remarks and attention of our gardening customer service representative.

Dangerous objects in the garden

  • Open trench. We advise you to exercise caution, not to leave children unattended.
  • Finding possible open branches in the canopy of large trees. Beware of moving under trees in windy weather.
  • Layered uneven terrain. Watching your feet always comes in handy not to trip over.
  • Insects and small animals may needle, bite, and otherwise cause discomfort. The pond is inhabited by a beaver, and has seen a viper, numerous frogs, water rats, earthworms, various birds and other wildlife. If you do not disturb them, they will not harm you either.
  • A small friendly family taxi and a stress relief dog for our staff who sometimes makes a loud noise just to emphasize their importance. Don’t make it out of her. She comes in sometimes and just takes a scent from you and doesn’t ask for permission.