Purchase Information

Valid from September 2, 2015 Updated 15.12.2018, 15.12.2021, 05.05.2023.

Aiasõber offers to customers two shopping channels; an online store at www.aiasober.ee and an opportunity to buy at the garden sales area, located at Ändi tee 18, Tüki village, 61411 Tartu county, Estonia. The sale garden opening time is from 20-th of April till 1-st of October Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00 and Sat 9.00-15.00. Sun closed.


The best way to order Aiasõber’s items is to shop online using the shopping cart system following the instructions. You can order by phone at 552 9369. Our customer service is waiting for your calls on weekdays 9-16. To order by e-mail, send an ordinary letter with your order to: aiasober@aiasober.ee You do not have to pre-order the product when visiting the Garden Marketplace, but you can do so if you have a strong desire to get a product before it is sold. Aiasõber’s representative will contact the customer if necessary. Planting material can be ordered year-round, but the plants are dispensed according to the plant-specific dispensing time. Read more about release times below in the “Delivery Times” section.

NB! All orders are completed and packed in a Aiasõber’s warehouse.

Logistics fee in Estonia

Aiasõber uses the logistics service of Omniva and DPD to deliver the goods. The ordered goods will be sent to the OMNIVA parcel machine chosen by the customer, which is the most economical way of delivery! If desired, the parcel will be delivered to the customer’s home or to another address specified in the order by OMNIVA or DPD courier. Logistics charges are not subject to loyalty discount.

Parcel terminal service. If you use the Omniva parcel service, the handling and postage fee is € 6.90 per item. Larger orders are divided into bulk shipments (38 x 64 x 41 cm), each with a logistic charge of 6.90 per package. It is possible to send parcels weighing 10-20 kg in one consignment. Suitable for most Aiasõber items. The service allows you to receive the goods ordered from the parcel terminal 24/7.

Ordinary courier’s delivery fee for courier deliveries in Estonia is 9.90 € and applies to standard size (38 x 64 x 41 cm) parcels that can hold up to 30 kg depending on the order. Suitable for customers who are permanently at this address and can receive their parcel at any time.

Maximum postage. For large orders or plants with 2 to 3 liters pots and flowering plants in active growth, delivered by courier, the maximum postage charge of € 14.90 applies. Max packages are always delivered by courier. Suitable for sending goods that cannot be sent via parcel terminal. In most cases the relevant note is in the e-shop.

Max letter. Seed packages and a small quantity of flower bulbs, delivered to the recipient’s mailbox, in a secure envelope with ordinary mail, shipping cost is 4.90 €.

NB! When placing orders for live plants through the postal service, Aiasõber reserves the right not to fulfill the order if there is a danger to plant health. In this case we can serve you in our garden locally. You’re welcome!

European Union and third countries

Logistics charges to other EU Member States depend on the composition of the order and the weight of the parcel, usually between € 20 and € 70. To find out the exact fee, please contact us by sending an inquiry to aiasober@aiasober.ee Outside the European Union Member States Aiasõber does not send parcels. Sorry.


When ordering goods from Aiasõber, the customer is obliged to pay. The invoice will be issued to the e-mail address indicated by the customer after the goods have been assembled on the day of shipment. A paper invoice will also be attached to the package. By default, the due date (getting goods I will pay later) is 14 calendar days from the date the invoice was issued. Invoices can be paid at the Internet Bank and / or at the Bank’s service office. Aiasõber’s bills cannot to be payd to Postage courier. Customers who have ordered the goods and picked up the goods themselves can pay for the goods at the gardens cashier’s bank card or in cash. In order to receive a bill for a transfer with a due date, it is necessary to present a personal identification document (driver’s license or ID card) to the customer service representative at the sale garden. Aiasõber does not allow direct payment for purchases in the online store due to the fact that live plants are in the category of perishable goods. To avoid unnecessary hassle, we bill you for the quality plants you actually receive after completing your orders. If the customer has placed an order in the e-store and Aiasøber has confirmed the order and started to fulfill the order, for example has assembled the goods and informed the customer about the order ready for delivery, or packaged the order and performed postal clearance, and the customer wants to cancel the order at the last minute before the package is sent out, then the customer must pay 10.00 euros for the labor costs of packaging and unpacking the goods to cover.


Customers who wish to take advantage of the Aiasõber’s loyal customer discount (minus 5% off all regular priced products) can register as a loyal customer in the sale garden with an ID card. In the future, you will need to bring your ID card with your loyalty card status in order to receive a discount. NB! Logistic fees, promotional items and “Good Price” merchandise are not eligible for the loyalty or loyalty card discount. Aiasõber does not allow you to buy goods on installment basis. Sorry. NB! Discounts do not join. This means that discounted products will not be subject to additional discounts. Aiasõber has the right to set promotional prices without notice and to terminate within the time limits allowed in the campaign announcements or special offers, respectively.

Delivering times

When dispatching or refusing to send planting material by mail, the Aiasõber shall take into account in particular the natural planting time of the plants, their phytosanitary status, their growth phase, their transport tolerance and immediately thereafter the wishes of the client. Bare-rooted perennials, woody plants, berry crops and spring-planted flower bulbs will be in stock from March 15 until stock lasts. We will release the growing potted plants from April 20 until late fall or while supplies last. In the garden, open-air potted winter plants will be released in the spring when the plants show signs of growth. In the autumn, we will begin issuing flowering bulbs from August 30 until the goods run out. If a customer’s order contains products from groups of goods with different dispatch times, then Aiasõber will try to send the customer the entire order, if possible in a single package, at the same time as the planting time. If this is not possible, the order will be sent in installments or another solution agreed with the customer. Orders collected during the winter will be shipped by Aiasõber at the latest in the second decade of May. Orders are filled in the order they are received, so it is natural for previous customers to receive their order as early as April or early May. Starting from June, the deadline for sending orders is 2-5 working days after the order reaches Aiasõber. Inanimate goods are normally delivered within 2-5 business days. If the desired item is out of stock in Aiasõber, it may take up to two weeks for the product to be purchased and shipped.

Beware of pictures

The pictures on the home page are digitally processed. The color of the plant parts when shooting can vary depending on the lighting conditions at the time of shooting, the shooting mode used, the photographic equipment, the stage of development of the plants, the computer’s further processing of the image, and many other factors. Based on the above, we also recommend that you read the descriptions of the plants, which will open when you click on the opening image. We recommend that you visit the Botanical Garden from time to time for better clarity on the variety of undertones. We have added two different image viewing options for most plants on the website to better show different growth phases or parts of the plant.

Order Confirmation

When ordering from the e-shop, Aiasõber sends an automatic order confirmation with purchase information and planter reminder to the customer in three separate pdf files to the e-mail address quoted by the customer. For orders sent over the phone, Aiasõber does not send an order confirmation separately. Aiasõber always asks all customers to carefully check the accuracy of the information provided when ordering to avoid any subsequent hassles. For example, if an order confirmation has not been received, the most common reason is an error in the email address provided with the order.

I’ll come by myself

Pre-ordered goods will be picked up free of charge and will be picked up according to the groups of goods during the typical dispensing hours during the opening hours of the garden sales area. Apr 20 – October 01 Mon-Fri 9-18 and Sat-Sun 9-15. Aiasõber informs the customer by e-mail or telephone of the availability and completion of the goods. If the customer is unable to pick up the plants at the agreed time for good reason, the client should be contacted at 552 9369 and a new time will be agreed. Persons who have not notified failure to attend will continue to be treated on an ongoing basis with non-pre-order customers for available plants in stock and at the point of sale. When picking up pre-ordered seedlings, you can pay for the goods at the cashier’s desk with a bank card or in cash. Also read the chapter “Garden Marketplace”.


Aiasõber is responsible for the quarantine purity and variety of the plantting material. If the purchased planting material proves to be of poor quality, the customer has the right to return the goods to the Aiasõber within 14 days from the date of purchase on the basis of a proof of purchase. The marking of the planting vessel must also be preserved. Variety claims should be made at the earliest opportunity, if the plant shows a variety, usually at the time of flowering. Refunds shall be made to the customer’s bank account within 14 days of the date of the refund or claim, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.

Aiasõber is not responsible for the risks arising from the weather and the agrotechnical techniques used by the purchaser when growing plant propagating material. The growing conditions caused by the surrounding environment and any agrotechnical techniques the plant grower can at any given time can influence the rooting and growth of plants in an unpredictable way. Aiasõber is not liable for breach of contract if Aiasõber breached the contract due to force majeure.

The information on seedlings packages, plant pots and the Aiasõber’s website is not enough for successful plant growing, gardening and landscaping, but is a brief description of the features of the plants. The client has full ownership of the knowledge of gardening and agronomy necessary for successful plant cultivation and landscaping. Aiasõber will only provide information on the basic properties of plants and general requirements for growth. In order to obtain basic knowledge in plant cultivation, we recommend that you study at the Räpina Horticultural School or at another educational institution specializing in green specialties. We also recommend getting acquainted with the plants growing in the Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu or Tallinn Botanical Garden.

Subscribed planting material should be stored until planting so as to avoid excessive humidity, excessive dryness, excessive temperature and freezing. Planting material should not be stored in the same room with fruits and chemically active substances. Live plants should be placed in a sheltered place, but not in a dark place, until they are fully planted, where they can be protected and cared for during the night frosts if necessary.

The assortment on the Aiasõber’s website and in the catalogs may not completely match the assortment on the gardening outlet and at the sale garden. Some products may run out earlier due to higher than expected demand. At the beginning of the season, the assortment is as rich as possible, but by the end of the season the customer must take into account that 2/3 or more of the assortment is out of stock and replenished by the beginning of the following season. During the season we will upgrade our range as far as possible and Aiasõber cannot guarantee the customer the opportunity to obtain the varieties that are out of stock in the future.

Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the ordering contract within 14 days from the date of receipt of the parcel without giving any reason for the withdrawal. A letter of withdrawal can be submitted by sending a free-form, unambiguous, unobstructed letter to aiasober@aiasober.ee. The application must state the name and surname of the customer, the date of receipt of the parcel, the date of preparation of the application, the number of the invoice or delivery note in the parcel and the statement: I wish to return the goods sent to me. Returned goods should be returned to Aiasõber in the same way as they were sent to the customer. Returned goods may also be brought back by the customer to the sale garden during opening hours if this method of return is more favorable to the customer.

If the customer returns the entire shipment to the Aiasõber, the Aiasõber Bank shall refund all money paid to the Customer’s bank account (except the logistics fee) immediately, but not later than 14 days after the day of receipt of the Customer’s withdrawal application. Aiasõber has the right to require the customer to prove that the parcel has been returned or to delay the refund until the returned item has reached Aiasõber. The cost of returning the goods returned to the Aiasõber shall be borne by the customer.

If the customer has not yet paid to the Aiasõber for the goods received and wishes to partially return the goods received, the Aiasõber will send the customer a new adjusted invoice after deduction of the returned goods.

The customer may forfeit his right of withdrawal if he has caused the goods to deteriorate by his own actions or omissions. The Client is obliged to inform the Aiasõber as soon as possible of the circumstances that prevent the acceptance of an order containing live plants (departure, staying in a medical institution, etc.).

NB! Live plants fall into the category of perishable goods, so Aiasõber reserves the right to charge the customer a fair compensation for any loss in value of the goods upon return. Aiasõber has the right to refuse to take back live plants. Aiasõber has to explain the reasons for a refusal at the customer’s request.

It is not possible to return seedlings that were not taken care of by the customer when the seedlings were in their possession and which, as a result, were cursed or even killed. Returnable seedlings must be in their original pots and packages and viable. The customer is only allowed to ascertain the goodness and viability of the seedlings and live plants in the manner normally provided by the shop or the seedling business. The plants must not be squeezed or otherwise damaged. If the returned item is damaged, the Aiasõber has the right to recover from the customer the loss caused by the impairment of the item up to the full price of the item. In case the goods were damaged before reaching the customer it is advisable to inform the Aiasõber as soon as possible by phone +372 552 9369 or send an e-mail to aiasober@aiasober.ee. If possible, please attach a photo.

It is not possible to return goods whose condition (for example, in live plants) has deteriorated due to the customer’s failure to receive the parcel on time and the parcel has been left at the post office or parcel terminal. Aiasõber draws customers’ attention to the fact that the telephone number assigned by the customer to the contact telephone number must be actually in use and answer calls. The same goes for an email address, it must be realistic. Aiasõber always asks all customers to carefully check the accuracy of their contact information when placing orders to avoid any hassle.

Credit terms

The order placed by the customer is a contract of sale between Aiasõber and the customer. Aiasõber accepts the contract when it begins to fulfill the order. By placing an order with Aiasõber to purchase goods within 14 days of receipt of the goods, you authorize the Seller to process your personal information and verify your creditworthiness from public sources. Aiasõber reserves the right not to execute an order with a due date and / or to request a prepayment from the customer if it becomes apparent that the Customer has experienced payment difficulties. Aiasõber allows only adult subscribers, citizens of at least 18 years of age, to make a payment on the due date. With the signature given to the postal worker or the delivery note sent by the parcel machine, the customer confirms that he has received the parcel and has read and accepted the Aiasõber’s ordering terms and undertakes to pay for the goods received according to the invoices. If the invoices are not paid by the due date, the sum of 5 (five) euros per letter will be added to the principal sum. In the event of late payment of bills, Aiasõber shall be entitled to claim a penalty of 0.15% of the amount due per calendar day. Aiasõber has the right to assign and pledge debt claims to third parties. The customer shall bear the costs of collecting overdue invoices forwarded to the collection company. The limitation period for claims between the parties is 10 years from the date on which the claim becomes collectible.

The Client agrees that the personal data disclosed by him / her to Aiasõber shall be forwarded to AS Krediidiinfo for the purpose of making credit decisions for the purpose of making credit decisions. The right of AS Krediidiinfo to transfer client data arises if the client has a financial obligation under the contract. Julianus Inkasso OÜ is Aiasõber’s partner in credit matters.


Any dispute arising out of the performance of the contract shall be settled by negotiation. Failing agreement, the dispute shall be settled by the Consumer Complaints Board (Consumer Disputes), which operates at the Consumer Protection Board. Exercise of the right of recourse to the Consumer Complaints Board shall not deprive the Contracting Authority of having recourse to the courts. The address of the Consumer Protection Board is Rahukohtu 2, 10130 Tallinn.


The client should understand that in the face of the diversity of wildlife developments, no one can ever guarantee 100% success in gardening. Based on the foregoing, it must be understood that the growth guarantee given by some horticultural firms, for example, for five years, is in reality a meaningless and ignorant promise. Especially if the assortment includes biennial plants and short-lived perennials.

Good to know

Plant pot with capacity

  • 0.5 ltr (P9) weighs 0.3-0.5 kg with plant and soil
  • 1.0 ltr (P11) weighs 0.5-0.9 kg
  • 1.5 ltr (C1.5) weighs 1.2-1.4 kg
  • 2.0 ltr (C2.0) weighs 1.4-1.8 kg
  • 3.0 ltr (C3.0) weighs 1.9-2.6 kg


Anonymous queries remain unanswered. Aiasõber will email the bids as a pdf file within three business days, or notify you within the same time frame of the time the bid was issued or the reason for refusal. Unless otherwise agreed, Aiasõber Offers are non-binding.

Promotional offers

You can sign up for promotional offers on our website or send us an email to aiasober@aiasober.ee. Adding a customer list can also be done by our customer service desk gardener, if you wish to become a regular customer.

Guided tours of the collection garden

Guided tours of the collection garden are subject to a fee. A garden ticket can be purchased at the customer service desk during open hours. A garden ticket costs € 5 per person, including children from the age of 15. It is not desirable to bring pets into the collection garden and garden. In addition, it is possible to order a tutor who talks about plant growth requirements, care, different varieties, etc. and answers questions about a particular garden and plants growing in it. The instructor fee is 15 euros per tour.

NB! Collecting garden tours are free of charge for groups of horticultural students. The course tutor can arrange a tour by phone +372 55 101 31.

Plant variety characteristics

The variety-specific characteristics of the plants are manifested at their maximum when the growing conditions of the plants are at their maximum. The plants grow in the soil under the conditions of light, humidity and other conditions suitable for them, and the soil has the appropriate pH and nutritional properties. It is important that the plants are well rooted and the plants are well cared for. In garden potted plants in nursery space for growth is limited, moisture and root temperature regimes are inevitably leaky, which may result in poor or no varietal characteristics. For example, some hosts may not have a leaf pattern until the 2nd or 3rd year of growth (‘Gold Edger’, ‘Wide Brim’, ‘Climax’, etc.). The red and beige leaf varieties of pearl whorls, tiaras and small whorls respond to changes in light conditions, even when moving from spring to autumn. The flowering of the peonies may not arrive until the third year of growth. The coloring of colored rains is directly influenced by the pH of the soil and the availability of direct sunlight (UV radiation). The specific flowering of tulips, hyacinths, gladioli, lilies and many other bulb flowers depends directly on the size of the bulb. The cheapest and / or the smallest bulbs do not guarantee a high-quality flowering of the variety. Spotted trees, including conifers with yellow and blue canopy, can only be colored as a variety after proper rooting at their site, which may take a year or more depending on the size of the plant. In addition to good rooting, staining is directly dependent on the light conditions of the site. It should be borne in mind that fertilization with special conifers has a direct effect on the expression of the varietal characteristics. Fertilized plants may be fertilized, ie one year after planting. Immediate fertilization upon planting significantly impairs the rooting of woody plants and thus their winter hardiness, which in turn affects the appearance of varietal characteristics during subsequent vegetation periods.

In the case of rooted perennials, if there is no certainty of the crop’s fertilizer use, less fertilization is advisable, for example at half the recommended rate, as fertilized plants may also not convey their variety characteristics in the best way.