Lily bulbs are wise to buy in the spring!

In the coming spring, we will offer our customers almost 90 different varieties of lily bulbs. This is a large number of different lilies in one place. There are quite a few common and even rare lilies available on this occasion. This offer has become possible thanks to our Latvian cooperation partner and well-known lily breeder Guntis Grants.

Spring is a good time to buy lily bulbs. They should be planted in the ground during May. Depth of planting 4-6 bulb sizes depending on the soil. Several different species of lilies are widely grown in Estonia.

Asian lilies are fast-growing, well-propagated, early-flowering, very hardy, of medium height, their flowers are usually one to two colors and do not smell. Asian lilies are not demanding of soil.

Eastern lilies bloom in the second half of summer. The flowers are mostly fragrant, large, multicolored. Eastern lilies reproduce slowly, are poor adapters in new habitats, of medium height, and are suitable for lighter soils in warm light habitats.

Trumpet lilies have good durability, they have large, pleasantly fragrant trumpet-shaped, mostly monochromatic flowers. Trumpet lilies are quite tall, blooming in the second half of summer. The white trumpet lily is also known as the Royal Lily. The OT hybrid lily is a cross between an eastern lily and a trumpet lily. Tall, fast-growing, fragrant large flowers, good resistance to our climate, with a rich variety. Blooms at the same time as the eastern and trumpet lilies.

There are many different hybrids, but the above are the main ones used in gardening and growing in gardens.

Aiasõber – a friend next to you wishes you many great findings in our e-shop and sales point!