How to buy lily bulbs?

Firstly you need to be aware of the natural rhythms of nature and choose the best time to acquire and plant them. Lily bulbs are commercially available almost during all year, which may not coincide with the best planting times. Nature comes to life in the spring and it is also the best time to buy and plant bulbs. Of course, you can do all this at other times as well, but spring is the best time to buy from March to the end of May because the assortment is the widest. The best time for planting is in May. The plant will grow out of any minor injuries and diseases in the spring with much easier effort than when planting at other times.
It is important to understand that the quality of the lilies’ flowering, as well as their ability to reproduce with daughter bulbs, depends directly on the size of the bulbs- The size 12/14 can give 1-4 flowers, 14/16 usually offers twice as many flowers. The 18/20 size can usually grow more than one inflorescence and provide an impressive view during the planting year. Of course, these figures may vary from variety to variety, but the principle is still the same – a larger bulb means more flowers and also a higher price.

It is also wise to buy lily bulbs in the spring, because then it is possible to plant them immediately to the right depth. Unfortunately, bulbs cannot be perfectly grown in the pots in the summer. This can put extra stress on the plant to adapt to new depths, which of course comes at the expense of the quality of flowering in the next growing year. It should be mentioned that the bulbs of most lilies should be planted to a depth of 4-6 bulbs. Deeper on lighter sandy surfaces, higher on moderately moist fertile clay soils.

Asian lilies are fast-growing, early-flowering, very hardy, of medium growth height, and their flowers have usually one or two colors and odorless. Asian lilies are not demanding of soil.
Eastern lilies bloom in the second half of the summer. The flowers are mostly fragrant, large, multicolored. Eastern lilies reproduce slowly, are poorly adapted to new habitats, have medium growth height and are suitable for lighter soils in warm white habitats.
The trumpet lilies have good durability, they have large, pleasant-smelling trumpet-shaped, mostly monochromatic flowers. The trumpet lilies are quite tall, blooming in the second half of the summer. The white trumpet lily is also known as the royal lily.
The OT hybrid lily is a cross between an east lily and a trumpet lily. High-growing, fast-growing, fragrant large flowers, good resistance to our climate, rich variety. It blooms at the same time as the eastern and trumpet lilies.
There are many different hybrids, but the above are the most famous and usable in the gardens.