Pre-ordering of 6 perennial flowers

Aiasõber is pleased to announce that we have once again placed over 2,500 different perennials to pre-order in our e-shop. We hope to increase the selection even more in the coming weeks. The link to pre-ordered perennial flowers is here:áz/pusililled-6-pakk/ You can also simply click on the ‘Pre-order 6pack’ button. Plants in this category can be ordered in a minimum of 6 items per variety, as they are only purchased if someone orders. These plants do not come to the individual sale, because the assortment of perennial flowers is very, very large. it is neither economical nor practical to take in such a large number of seedlings just in case. At the same time, we want to offer our customers the opportunity to acquire perennials on a large scale. All other products in the Aiasõber e-store categories are sold individually and can also be ordered in one item. The probability of ordering perennial flowers ordered in 6 pieces is 90-95%. It is possible to order until the end of February, after which the assortment in the e-store will start to decrease rapidly. We will start delivering the ordered perennials in the second half of April, 2022.