COVID-19 protection measures in Aiasõber

We serve customers who come to Aiasõbra’s garden by order in the open air. Please disinfect your hands and wear a mask when picking up the goods. We inform customers in advance about the assembly of goods by phone and / or e-mail. The garden has been open for outdoor shopping since April. Our service provider is obliged to wear a mask and keep a distance when servicing. We ask customers to answer the same.

Up to 22 people can stay in the open sales area in the garden at the same time, in addition, up to 8 people (30 in total) can stay in the greenhouses at the same time, which allows you to easily maintain 2 + 2 distances.

In Aiasõber, it is possible to use a bank card to pay for purchases as contact free or entering a payment terminal. The customer inserts the customer card (ID card) into the reader in such a way that the customer only touches his customer card and the reader is kept by our customer service representative. There is no common interface.

NB! The largest selection of goods will be available from April 20.

Lots of nice finds in our e-shop and garden sales area wishing Aiasõber – Your friend in the garden!