New event. In Aiasõber, the Perennial Flower of the Year 2021 will be chosen.

From today until July 25 everyone interested has the opportunity to get acquainted with the nominees of the Perennial Flower of the Year 2021 displayed in the garden. In total, the winner is determined in three categories; an audience favorite, a favorite of FaceBook friends and the Perennial Flower of the Year 2021. The first of these is chosen by visitors of the Aiasõber’s  Sale Garden. Each visitor has three votes, which he can give to different or one favorite. The winner of the second category will be determined as a result of the FB vote. Perennial Flower of the Year 2021 will be determined by a 5-member jury of experts on the basis of consensus and will announce the decision on July 25 at 3 pm at the Aiasõber’s Sale Garden.


Nominees for the Perennial Flower of the Year 2021

  1. Hosta
  2. Garden daylily
  3. Aster dumosus
  4. Astilbe arendsii
  5. Coreopsis
  6. Telekia speciosa
  7. Siberian iris
  8. Rudbeckia hirta
  9. Garden flox
  10. Mary’s fern
  11. Ajuga reptans
  12. Common achillea
  13. Carex comans
  14. Mentha
  15. Sedum (Low growing)
  16. Thymus


Evaluation criteria

  1. Insect friendliness
  2. Hardyness of the plant outdoors / in the garden throughout Estonia
  3. Ease of maintenance
  4. Market availability
  5. decorativeness even outside the flowering season
  6. Demand of the plant for the place of growth
  7. Abundance of uses
  8. Resistance to pests


On Sunday, July 25, starting at 11:00 and 13:00, we offer a free guided garden tour of the perennial flower collection garden. For the first time, one of these tours will be conducted by a surprise / guest instructor who has not visited our garden before and does not know what to expect here. This gives the opportunity to open the garden from a slightly different perspective.