Krüsanteem ‘Poesie’ (6 tk)

Chrysanthemum 'Poesie'


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Ettetellimise toode. 6 tk komplektis. Hea hind. Väljastamine alates 20 aprill, 2024. Saadavuse tõenäosus umbes 95 protsenti. See toode tõenäoliselt üksikmüüki ei tule.
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  • Kliimavöönd: 4-10
  • Kasvukõrgus: 80 cm
  • Õitsemise aeg: VIII-IX
  • Suurus: Pott 9 cm


Chrysanthemums have never been my favourite plants, but this one is an exception! A very hardy variety, this compact plant has dark-green, lobed foliage which contrasts well with the deep-pink, narrow-petalled flowers that appear from summer right through to late autumn. Chrysanthemums are good companion plants as they contain the natural pesticide, Pyrethrum, which helps control aphid and other insect pests.

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