Сосна крючковатая ‘Silver Candles’

Pinus uncinata 'Silver Candles'


2 в наличии

Доставка с 20 апреля 2021 года.
Артикул: 22505 Категории: ,
  • Kлиматическая зона USDA: 4-10
  • Высотароста: 1,5-2 m
  • Времяцветения: Ei õitse
  • Размер: Pott 3-5 ltr


A dwarf bun shape with silvery candles. As the candles emerge they are enveloped in a silvery pubescent netting which is particularly interesting. A great variety for small spaces or a border planting. A nice dwarf selection noted for the prominent new candles, it is irresistible when it is breaking into new spring growth.

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