Are you interested in investing into perennial and garden plant business or even to buy an operating company with a good growth potential?

Limited liability company Aiasõber has long time been engaged in sale business of perennials and ohter garden plants. Aiasõber has achieved widespread recognition and a good reputation in all over Estonia.

Aiasõber trademark is entered in the register of the Estonian Patent Office.

  Trademark AIASÕBER    (Your Friend in the Garden)

Registration Number:  45780 in the Estonian Patent Office. 

Class 35: (retail sail and wholesale according to the Nice Classification)

Date of the registration of the Trademark:   27.11. 2008

Owner of the Trademark: Aiasõber Ltd. (Registration Number 10209468)

Trademark Certificate no 15780 issued on 02.12.2008 by the Patent Office of the Republic of Estonia in Tallinn.

AIASÕBER has become well-known all over Estonia in the last 16 years.  Achieving such extensive popularity has required sustained effort since 2002. For the period of seven years we published a mail order catalogue that was distributed across the country 2-3 times a year. In recent years just one catalogue a year has been issued and distributed via a national daily newspaper. Our website, which enjoys popularity among the gardeners and has been in active use over the last 10 years, has contributed substantially to the good reputation of the trademark.

AIASÕBER is currently recognised by the majority of companies involved in horticulture, likewise by educational institutions that have gardening and landscape design programmes on their curricula. AIASÕBER is also well-known among hobby gardeners and home garden owners.

AIASÕBER owes its sound reputation also to the popularity among the schools of horticulture whose many students have participated in summer internships with us.

AIASÕBER would suit well for a company with an ambition and a real capacity to create a nation-wide retail garden centre or chain that sells planting material. In view of the possible economic and political developments, a well-established chain of garden centres may be a good starting point for expanding later to the large and prosperous market of St. Petersburg in the immediate neighbourhood.

Contact: Lembit Kaarna