Welcome to Aiasõber!

Aiasõber is an attractive object for visiting lovers of garden plants and nature near the city of Tartu in Southern Estonia. Aiasõber gardening farm close to nature is peculiar landscape of the band, offering for sale a wide range of garden plants, including perennials, Ornamental trees and shrubs. There is a particularly rich selection of garden daylilies. Aiasõber - Your best choice for gardening!

Fresh news

Nice start of spring!

14 märts 2018

According to the calendar, spring starts 20th march. Behind the window birds are already singing and snow is melting. Do you have your gardening plans already done? Order now and plants will arrive when it`s right time to plant them. Our website has... Read more

Discounted rates for booking in advance of flowering bulbs

19 august 2015

Just started ordering of autumn flower bulbs by a discount rates from Aiasõber. We offer only standard plus-size high-quality flower bulbs, which ensure that the plants will be flowering properly already in next spring. Discounted bulbs can be... Read more