Water-crowfoot (6 pcs)

Ranunculus aquatilis


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  • Climate zone: 5-9
  • Growing height: 50 cm
  • Flowering time: VI-VII
  • Size: Pott 9 cm


This is an annual or short-lived perennial which grows in shallow water in marshes, ponds and ditches, and at the edge of slow-flowing streams and sheltered lakes. It occurs chiefly in water which is eutrophic and at least mildly base-rich, and is favoured by a degree of disturbance. A single flower on a long naked stalk arising from a leaf axil. Flowers are 1/3 to 2/3 inch across, have 5 oval white petals with a spot of yellow at the base, and many yellow stamens surrounding a yellow center that matures to green. 5 rounded green sepals behind the flower are much shorter than the petals. Leaves are finely divided into many thread-like segments, round to fan-shaped in outline, to ẅ inch long and about 1 inch wide, alternately attached. Stems and leaves are all submersed and mostly hairless. 7 tk m2-le

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