Shrub rose ‘Popy rose’

Rosa 'Popy rose'


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  • Climate zone: 4-9
  • Growing height: 80-100 cm
  • Flowering time: VII-VIII
  • Size: Paljas 2.a. juurikas


Introduced by Unknown in before 1590 as ‘R. foetida bicolor’. Introduced in Australia by Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd. in before 1921 as ‘Austrian Copper’. Hybrid Foetida, Hybrid Lutea, Species / Wild. Orange-red, yellow reverse, yellow stamens. [Yellow blend.]. Strong, unpleasant fragrance. 5 petals. Average diameter 1.5″. Small to medium, single (4-8 petals), borne mostly solitary, in small clusters bloom form. Once-blooming spring or summer. Arching, bushy, upright. Medium, matte, dark green foliage. 5 to 7 leaflets.
Height of 6′ to 8′ (185 to 245 cm). Width of 5′ to 20′ (150 to 610 cm). USDA zone 3a and warmer. Drought resistant. Disease susceptibility: susceptible to blackspot . Tetraploid.

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