The Estonian Perennial Flower of the Year 2022 will be chosen in Aiasõber

New event – Perennial flower days will take place at Aiasõbra for the first time. The event will take place as three-day events on July 29-31, 2022. The most important event of the Perennial Flower Days is the election of the Estonian Perennial Flower of the Year 2022. Everyone who is interested has the opportunity to vote in two different ways; you can vote for your favorite on our FaceBook page based on photos, but you can also come to the garden and vote for the perennials there. Five-member jury will determine the favorite of the people and select the winner of the Estonian Perennial Flower of the Year 2022 elections. The jury will make a decision based on the relevant characteristics of the perennials, based on certain criteria and taking into account the results of the FaceBook and the public vote. The Estonian Perennial Flower of the Year 2022 will be announced on July 31 at 2 p.m. in Aiasõber’s collection garden.
On all three days of the event, Aiasõber takes care of proper discounts at the garden’s sales area. A guided garden tour will be able for everyone. It will start at 11:00. For larger groups, please make an appointment by calling 551 0131.

Anyone can submit nominees for evaluation. For that you have to do few things.
The applicant must have personal experience of growing the recommended perennial flower and describe it briefly. For example, where and when the plant was obtained, how it was cared for, what special attention was paid to, how it withstood winters, etc.
The letter of recommendation should indicate on what soil, under what lighting conditions and with which neighboring plants the recommended perennial will grow.
Sending an image is recommended.
Please send letters of recommendation in common file formats or plain text to the e-mail address by July 25, 2022 at the latest.
In the letter of recommendation, please indicate your contact details for two reasons; firstly, members of the jury may wish to be contacted with you to ask clarifying questions and secondly, a prize of 150 euros will be drawn between everyone who wrote us letters of recommendation. The prize consists of plants currently being sold in the garden, which the winner can select on site.. The winner will be contacted on July 26-28.

The agenda of the event is still being specified, but we will announce the news on FaceBook and the website.