Conventional signs

For sunny site

For semi-shade location

For shade areas

For dry soil

For normal soil

Damp soil and waterfront

Useful cut flowers


Good for potplant

Good for hanging basket

Patented variety

Leaf decorative

Attractive for insects


Thanks and end-of-season clearance sale!

Aiasõber thanks all the customers, plant enthusiasts, gardeners and friends who have been with us in the 2020 season, supported our activities with their purchases and who we have also been able to support in building a beautiful home garden.Until the end of the season, discounted prices will tick for many goods until the winter covers are installed or until the goods last.

From October 2, the gates of the garden will be officially closed, but on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm you can still go exploring. If you want to buy something and currently no one can be seen in the garden, please call 551 0131. We will deliver postal items on Mondays and Thursdays until the weather makes it possible. When ordering seedlings, it must be taken into account that the plants look autumn, many of them are at rest and the plants show no signs of growth.

Nevertheless, they can be planted in the ground where they will overwinter.