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About ordering perennial flowers for spring 2021

We can offer a very large selection, more than three thousand varieties of perennials, to those who are interested only by pre-ordering. A minimum of 6 plants of one variety can be ordered. Most of the 6-pack assortment will not be sold individually. However, some varieties also come in individual sales, but the price in individual sales is always 1-2 euros per plant more expensive. We accept orders for 6-pack perennials until March 25, 2021. The plants will arrive around April 10, after which we will start delivering them soon. The release also depends a bit on spring weather conditions. Based on past experience, we can confirm that orders are on average about 95% fulfilled. Something unexpected can happen to live plants at any time. The best way to place an order is to do it in our e-shop. Payment can only be made when the plants are present, completed for the customer and Aiasõber has sent the invoice. The plants are in P9 or P11 pots, some of which have formed a complete root ball, but some of them are still in the young cuttings stage. There are also plants in the active growth phase that should be protected from late spring night frosts. Also read the Aiasõber’s “Planter’s Reminder”.