About Aiasõber

LLC Aiasõber is a company near Ilmatsalu in Tartumaa, that is founded in 1990 originally as EREL Ldt. Its current name is formed through restructuring in June of 1997. We have been dealing with production of bird feeding houses and nest box since 1993.

We stared with import and sales of flower bulbs and perennials in 1995, when we successfully took part of most dashing gardening event in Eesti Näituste messikeskus.

In 2002 we started with mail ordering of herbal materials. With this purpose we started to issue a mail order catalogue “Aiasõber”, which we have so far distributed with “Maaleht”.

We offer seeds, flower bulbs, bare rooted perennials, pot plants, shrubs and small trees. We purchase our products mainly from Holland, but do not say no to local (grown in Estonia) herbal material. More and more we have perennials in our sale assortment that are bought in Holland but have been in hibernating in Estonia for one or two years. Such plants are most demanded at the moment. Assortment is growing constantly and so as the number of customers.

When we have selected our assortment we have tried to differ from large gardening centres. This has succeeded and to the proof we can say, that many our customers are collectors and gardeners who want to experiment with growing of a new and special plant. It’s hard to find a company that could offer over 60 varieties of Hosta or where you could choose between 70 different daylilies or where you can get over 80 varieties of Peonies.

Come and join with our customers, so that together we could take a look into a wonderful and plentiful world of plants. We are sure that you will find something exiting to experiment with.

Wishing all the best to you and to your family,